No1hosting Free game hosting service

  • We would like to introduce No1hosting a new hosting company offering free game servers .Read carefully what comes next Poseidon explains the whole thing .

    "We've started a “Free game hosting” service, offering Enemy-Territory servers.However, We are working on more games; CS:GO and COD4 are almost finished.
    The system is based on etpro at this moment, more mods will supported soon!As gamer I know people are playing clanwars/scrims agains other teams, those players need a gameserver to play on!

    I’ve build a system to host a game server for free!
    goto: Freegameserver to get a server!

    How does the system works?[expander] - Choose a game.
    - Choose a hostname. (not required)
    - Choose a map.
    - Choose a mod.
    - Choose the number of slots.
    - Choose a password. (leave empty to automatically assign one)
    - Choose a referee password. (leave empty to automatically assign one)[/expander]
    The g_password and referee password are created automatically. Once u click on the "Start Gameserver" button, It will start a game server and the page will show you the information. If there are no available game servers you will get the message that all servers are in use.
    - The gameserver will stay online as long there are players on it.
    - If nobody is joining the server, it will shutdown in 15 minutes!