C2 Missile

  • C2 Missile is about to be launched by the axis forces. The allies are trying to break into their base and try to prevent the rocket from launching.

    b1 -> b2

    - Y-axis shift of allies spawn
    - remodeling of allies-hall-entrance
    - construction added into halls-hole
    - added "new" usual voices
    - shortened & smallered the 2nd stage ways and courtyard
    - removed 3-4 corridors
    - axis teamdoor at rocket controls now opens with button push
    - way from 2nd to 3rd stage shortened
    - remodeled the rocket area, which now is outside and more compact
    - removed the acid-water sound
    - fixed various map & texture bugs

    a6 -> b1
    - too lazy to list all changes tbh :D

    a5 -> a6
    - deleted outside part in 3rd stage (escape truck area)
    - added new side way into 3rd stage from gates (by cave)
    - put the escape truck next to the rocket
    - added forward allies spawn near door controls
    - auto spawnselection now works for allies all stages
    - added some lights
    - fixxed some bugs/leaks

    a4 -> a5
    - shifted whole parts & smallered them
    - removed autospawn @ Commandpost
    - added corridors in 3rd stage
    - added door at Gate Control Spawn
    - added some ambient/objective sounds
    - movable cranes in 3rd rocket hall
    - door controls now in a seperate room
    - decreased ambient value / highered light values
    - changed snowy-rock texture

    a3 -> a4
    - stairs at 2nd gate controls
    - landmines + snowsteps on terrain
    - clips for terrain and door controls
    - fixxed reported leaks
    - fixxed unaligned textures
    - added signs for newbies
    - added missing gate opening near CP
    - moved allies gate controls spawn forward
    - delayed gate opening after button push
    - added some tiny details