Connection settings

  • Allow to change the com_maxfps and the cl_maxpackets options according to the ingame fps. The basic idea is to reduce the effect of the lag by fixing the number of packets as a multiple of the number of fps and by having a constant number of fps.

    set packet1 "set packettoggle vstr packet2; com_maxfps 76; cl_maxpackets 76; echo ^Dpackets 76-76"
    set packet2 "set packettoggle vstr packet3; com_maxfps 76; cl_maxpackets 38; echo ^Apackets 76-38"
    set packet3 "set packettoggle vstr packet1; com_maxfps 43; cl_maxpackets 43; echo ^Ipackets 43-43"
    set packettoggle "vstr packet1"
    bind X "vstr packettoggle"

    In the file autoexec.cfg, add the following lines to fix the default values :

    seta cl_maxpackets "76"
    seta com_maxfps "76"