Snipermod 2

  • // Use W and S to zoom
    // Automaticly crouched
    // Automaticly zoomed
    // Very little knockback when shooting
    // Warning:
    // -Make sure you turn SniperMode off before ending a level/warmup
    // -Keep a key bound to weapalt incase you get stuck in SniperMode
    // -If for some reason you come out of SniperMode without pressing u, press u and press your "weapalt" key

    set sniper_shot "com_maxfps 10;+attack;wait 10;-attack;com_maxfps 0"
    set sniper_mode_on "+movedown;bind w weapnext;bind s weapprev;bind mouse1 vstr sniper_shot;bind u vstr

    sniper_mode_off;echo SniperMode On;weapalt"
    set sniper_mode_off "-movedown;bind w +forward;bind s +back;bind mouse1 +attack;bind u vstr sniper_mode_on;echo

    SniperMode Off;weapalt"
    bind u "vstr sniper_mode_on"