• // Use X to toggle sniper mode.
    // While in sniper mode, press CapsLock to toggle low recoil, press C to toggle crouch, press Q to zoom in, and press E to zoom out.

    set snipershottogtog "vstr snipershoton"
    set snipershotoff "set snipershottog vstr snipershotno;bind mouse1 vstr snipershottog;echo Low Recoil Disabled;echo;echo;set snipershottogtog vstr snipershoton"
    set snipershoton "set snipershottog vstr snipershotyes;bind mouse1 vstr snipershottog;echo Low Recoil Enabled;echo;echo;set snipershottogtog vstr snipershotoff"
    set snipershottog "vstr snipershotyes"
    set snipershotyes "com_maxfps 10;+attack;wait 10;-attack;com_maxfps 0"
    set snipershotno "bind mouse1 +attack"
    bind x "vstr snipermodetog"
    set snipermodetog "vstr snipermodeon"
    set snipermodeon "bind q zoomin;bind e zoomout;bind mouse1 vstr snipershottog;bind c vstr crouchtog;bind mouse1 vstr snipershottog;vstr snipermodeon1"
    set snipermodeon1 "bind capslock vstr snipershottogtog;bind z weapalt;set snipermodetog vstr snipermodeoff;echo SniperMode On;echo;echo"
    set snipermodeoff "bind q +leanleft;bind e +leanright;bind mouse1 +attack;bind c +movedown;vstr snipermodeoff1"
    set snipermodeoff1 "-movedown;bind z weapalt;unbind capslock;set snipermodetog vstr snipermodeon;echo SniperMode Off;echo;echo"
    set crouchtog "vstr crouchyes"
    set crouchyes "+movedown;set crouchtog vstr crouchno;echo Crouched;echo;echo"
    set crouchno "-movedown;set crouchtog vstr crouchyes;echo Not Crouched;echo;echo"
    bind z weapalt